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Playto Robotics

Play that makes kids future-ready!

Playto helps your child develop the skills, curiosity and confidence needed to win the future. Best part - this happens while your child is playing!

For kids
Age 8-16

400,000+ Students

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Testimonial for Playto Robotics Classes for kids

"During the last 3 years, more than 2300 students of IIT Delhi participated in 6-hour aeromodelling workshop by Skyfi Labs (parent organization of Playto) in the format of design-build-fly, as a part of "Introduction to Engineering" Course."
- Prof. PVM Rao, Head of Department of Design, IIT Delhi

Testimonial for Playto Robotics

"At first, I thought Robotics for kids is just a fancy advertisement. But after attending the free session, I understood the concept and how it helps in bringing out the potential of my daughter.
I enrolled her and also referred 3 more of my colleagues. All 4 of them are enjoying their Playto sessions!"
- Amrutha, Doctor and Prof., Navodaya Medical College

How does it work?

There are 3 key components of Playto:

Playto Robotics Missions for kids
Playto Missions

Each Playto mission is a real-world problem that will be solved by kids. Kids use science, technology, creativity, logic and coding in the process of solving it.

Playto Robotics Kits for kids

Kids use Playtos (hardware) to build real-world products to complete the missions. Kids come up with ideas, build prototypes, write code, debug and demonstrate the solutions.

Playto Robotics Teachers
Playto Coaches

Playto coaches act as moderators and help kids by asking the right questions at the right time while kids are working on the missions. They dont "teach". They "coach".

Products designed by alumni of IIT, Harvard, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft.

How to enroll?

We currently offer 3 options to pick based on the age and prior exposure of the child. Enroll in the free trial class to know what is the best option for your child.

Robotics Starter
(Age 8+)


Perfect for your kid to get started with the world of Robotics

starts from

Robotics Explorer
(Age 10+)


Perfect for your kid to develop expertise in the world of Robotics

starts from

Robotics Champion
(Age 14+)


Perfect for your kid to master skills in the world of Robotics

starts from

When playing is the best way of learning..

Creativity, Innovation and Out-of-the-box thinking happen best in a "play" environment and not in a "work" environment.
Unfortunately, most kids today are learning in a "work" mode - where they are forcefully made to go through syllabus as per schedule.
Playto focuses on the "play" mode of kids and helps them develop the key 21st century skills, while they are playing.

Playto Robotics Online Classes
Play. Not Work.

Your child enjoys playing. Not boring classes.

Playto Robotics Coaches
Coach. Not Teacher.

More like a sports coach and less like a science teacher.

Playto Personal Learning
Personalized. Not 1 for all.

Quests based on your child's interests and your child's speed.

Robotics Inquiry based learning

Adapted inquiry-based learning

Your child is the hero of each mission and will lead each session by trying to solve the problem. Playto coach supports and helps your child discover and learn the secrets of the world in the process.

Robotics practical learning

Hands-on learning

Your child will be hands-on on both hardware and coding. Your child uses a mix of science, technology, design, creativity, logical thinking and coding to solve the missions and build products!

One on One Robotics Online Classes

1-1 Live Sessions

Each child is unique, has unique ideas and follows a unique approach to solve the missions. So Playto offers 1-1 live sessions with a personal coach. Your kid can work at his/ her own pace and follow his/ her own path to discover knowledge.

In Playto sessions, there are no right and wrong ways of doing things. There are only good and better ways of solving problems. Watch your child propose ideas with confidence, figure out better ways of doing things and build amazing products! With each mission, you will see the creativity, curiosity and confidence levels of your child increase.

Dream Big with Robotics Classes

Help your child dream big!

Today's world is full of engineers who do not know why they became an engineer. Each of today's engineers would have become a much better engineer if they knew this "why" early enough in their life.

Playto helps your child understand how science, technology and creativity can be used to build amazing products. More importantly, your child will experience the joy of building them with own hands!
With such an understanding and confidence, your child will dream big - of building rockets and not just of clearing exams.

See what our kids have built

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