ISRO Rocket Scientist recommends Playto Labs

My son, who is studying in 4th standard loves the Playto Robotics Classes very much. He would even start to cry if he has to miss any class due to any reason. As an engineer, I have been monitoring closely the progress of my son, and I am extremely happy to see the technical temperament and aptitude which he has developed by attending these classes. Without any doubt I would recommend Playto to any parent.

Shiju Thomas - Scientist at ISRO Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
Father of Prithvi,Grade 4

Shiju Thomas

From Student to Startup
How our student went on to build a drone startup and raised funds on LIVE TV on Shark Tank!

We give 5 stars to Playto!

My 9 yo daughter has created a lamp, an alarm system for keeping the toilet seat down 😂, a motorized cart for her toy figures, sunrise alarm, house plant waterer, gesture-controlled water tap, and more. Each project has a learning component and a doing component. We homeschool so I incorporate this into our STEM curriculum. We live very remote in Alaska, USA so the time difference is quite large but we are able to do our classes at 8:30 am. Overall we give the class 5 stars and highly recommend Playto Labs Robotics. We plan to continue to do this class for a long time as the growth potential seems very exponential compared to project boxes that come in the mail that we have done in the past quite a bit.

Lacey Smith Ulloa - Alaska, USA
Mother of Hazel , Grade 4

Dave Andrew

Playto Labs sparked my son's Passion for Science

My son loves the Playto kit and sessions. For him, science is fun unlike what I felt in my childhood. I feel that itself is a major victory for me as a parent. He now shows more interest towards understanding science.

Dave Andrew - Equities Trader, California, USA
Father of Rohin, Grade 6

Playto Makes Learning Easy

I had my child enrolled in their beginner program. I continue to next two levels now. The administration is supportive and cooperative. They also said to wait for 2 years before going ahead and their advice was good enough as my child needed that time. So they can advise what could be best at that stage rather than rushing into getting business. I am back with them for next level course.

They tried supporting my 7-year-old to learn and adapt to new teaching methods. They are friendly and bring down the concepts to most simplified form to make learning easy.

I hope my review helps those parents who are interested but cannot decide to go ahead or not. I would say give it a try.

Lucy Pandya - Academician, Australia
Mother of Abhishri, Grade 4

Lucy Pandya

Great value addition for my kid

Great value addition for my kid with robotics and automation. The coaching is also very good. My kid is very comfortable with his coach Gauri. A good course for kids aged between 7 to 14, whether they do or don't want to pursue a career in the field of technology in the future.

Milan Upadhyay - Sr. Mechanical engineer, UAE
Father of Adheesh, Grade 4

Recognition from an IIT Prof

During the last 3 years, more than 2300 students of IIT Delhi participated in the 6-hour aeromodelling workshop conducted in the format of design-build-fly, with the help of Skyfi Labs (parent organization of Playto).

Prof. PVM Rao - HOD of Design, IIT Delhi


Playto Classes are Interactive, Educative and Engaging

The Robotics classes are very well curated for kids. My son is 9 years old and enjoys the sessions as he gets to learn how to build various daily gadgets like the water dispenser or coffee machine. Would highly recommend the classes as they are interactive, educative and engaging.

Mrs. Aruna Ankem - Assistant Project Manager, TCS, Dubai
Mother of Aryaman Sodagam, Grade 4

Playto Labs Inspires Children to Learn

Very supportive and encouraging sessions which inspires the children to learn and concepts are conveyed in a crisp and clear way which is easily understood by children. Good in creating Robotics basics and possibilities in a child.

Mr. Abhilash G.S - Director at MondoFusion LLP, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Father of Nivin, Grade 3

Superb. Now his cousin also joined!

Superb. Great learning by my son. Cooperative and learned faculty. He learnt many different activities in varied 50 robotics classess like robo car, auto dustbin etc. Now his cousin also joined and also enjoying the same class. The best part is session is one to one so faculty gives very good hand hold to their students.

CA. Sarvesh Agrawal - Founder & CEO at Transparent Capital Partners, Mumbai
Father of Manav, Grade 5

Playto Labs ignited my son's Curiosity

Playto Labs has crafted an extraordinary platform that has ignited our 9-year-old son's curiosity like never before. Even the trickiest topics are presented with such simplicity and patience, making learning an absolute delight!

Mrs. Neha Jaiswal - Architect, Maharashtra, India
Mother of Unnat, Grade 4

An unforgettable learning adventure!

Our daughter's summer with Playto Labs was an unforgettable learning adventure! The mentors' guidance was exceptional; they effortlessly explained each step, patiently answered her doubts, and made the entire experience incredibly enjoyable. And guess what? She even won 2 robotics competitions as a result of their fantastic programs!

Mrs. Chaitra Bhatia - PhD in Physics, New Delhi
Mother of Saachi, Grade 2

Recommended by a Professor

Playto is a nice online platform for giving a good exposure of robotics to your child. Teachers are very good. Staff responds to every query and problem promptly. Overall a very good experience.

Mrs. Arshi Zareen, - Assistant Professor at Delhi University, India
Mother of Arwan, Grade 3

Playto Labs made by son much more Confident

Very Happy and Satisfied with Playto labs. My Son has actually learnt so many new things. He is much more confident and is proud to showcase his playto achievements with his friends. Thanks to the Playto Labs team. Keep up the good work. The mentors are all very lovely. God bless to the team. Hip Hip Hurray!

Vidisha Sengupta - Home maker, New Delhi
Mother of Kushagra, Grade 7

A Fantastic Opportunity for my daughter

Playto Labs deserves my gratitude for motivating my daughter Devasena. In each step of studying robotics, they have given courage and support to her. I'd like to thank the entire Playto team for this fantastic opportunity provided to her.

Sudheshna - Senior consultant, Saksoft, Chennai
Mother of Devasena, Grade 4

Playto Labs gave my son a lot of Confidence

I had a great experience with Playto labs. I'm very happy to see my son Tanay's ability in problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and many more. And he is not afraid of trying new things as well. I think this whole experience with Playto Labs has given a lot of confidence in him. Because of this reason, he was able to participate in National robotics competitions as well. So I am very thankful to Playto Labs and the entire team.

Jai Shankar Tarun - Co-Founder & Executive Director of BIZM Consulting, Pune
Father of Tanay, Grade 5

Playto Labs is one of my best decision as a parent!

Enrolling my son Shane in Playto Labs Robotics Program has been one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. Their unique and dynamic teaching approach has ignited a spark in my son's interest in robotics and has helped him develop essential skills and practical knowledge. I highly recommend Playto Labs to any parent looking to give their child an edge in today's competitive world. Thank you, Playto Labs,and teachers for your encouragement.

Dr.Selva Malar - Homeopathy Doctor, Chennai
Mother of Shane, Grade 5