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Robotics Classes by alumni of IIT, Harvard, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft

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What Will Your Kid Receive?

Robotics Kit and Curriculum specially designed for kids

Live 1-1 Robotics Classes from expert teachers

Future-Ready Skills through hands-on learning

What Will Your Kid Learn?

Be future-ready
with topics like
STEM & Robotics

analytical skills &
logical thinking

Develop the
confidence to change
the real world

Identify & solve
be creative

See what kids built with Playto!

With Playto, your child will build products in the real world to solve real world problems and become skilled in technologies that matter for the future. Best part - this happens while your child is playing!

From Happy Parents and Teachers

"During the last 3 years, more than 2300 students of IIT Delhi participated in the 6-hour aeromodelling workshop conducted in the format of design-build-fly, with the help of Skyfi Labs (parent organization of Playto)."

Prof. PVM Rao

HOD of Design, IIT Delhi

"At first, I thought Robotics for kids is just a fancy advertisement. But after attending the free session, I understood the concept and how it brings out the potential of my daughter. I also referred 3 of my colleagues!"

Dr. Amrutha Rajesh

Doctor and Prof, Navodaya Medical College

"My son loves the Playto kit and sessions. For him, science is fun unlike what I felt in my childhood. I feel that itself is a major victory for me as a parent. He now shows more interest towards understanding science."

Dave Andrew

Equities Trader, California, USA
Why Should You Choose
Playto Robotics Course?

With the right combination of Playto Robotics kits, Robotics missions & best Robotics classes designed by experts Playto helps your child develop skills, curiosity and confidence needed to win the future while your child is having fun.

Playto Robotics courses have been designed by alumni of IIT, Harvard, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft and a team that has developed 100+ experiential learning courses, has a place in the Limca Book of Records, co-authored papers on project based learning and won awards for their work.

Playto Robotics Kit

Designed by experts, Playto Robotics Kit will help your kid learn while playing.

Playto Robotics Missions

With Playto Robotics Missions, your child will solve real-world problems.

Playto Robotics Coaches

Playto Coaches help kids through Live 1-1 Online classes and ensure your child learns in the right way.

Playto helps not just in learning Science
but also in building personality

Play-based learning encourages kids to explore, ideate, attempt, make mistakes and learn from them. As a result, your child becomes a curious life-long learner, an out-of-the-box thinker, and a confident innovator who can look beyond the obvious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon enrollment, you will get your child's Robotics Learning kit at your doorstep. Your child will have 1-1 classes from our expert mentors to learn by building projects using the kit. In each class, your child will solve real world problems and build real world products that actually work! The mentor will help your child learn while building the projects.
No. The kits are specially designed for kids of this age group and are accredited by So your child will be able to learn without any challenge. Moreover, the classes are 1-1 and led by expert teachers who will help your child make the best of the kit and ensure actual learning takes place.
Your child will learn Science, Technology and Coding in a hands-on manner from Robotics Online Courses. In addition, your child will become a creative and innovative problem solver. Your child will understand that Science, Technology, Math etc. are tools to solve real world problems and will therefore show an increased interest to learn these topics in school. As a result, your child will understand concepts better and perform well even in regular academics. As a result of this exposure to real-world problems, your child will develop a strong personality and gain a lot of confidence to face the future.
Your child will receive a kit that is appropriate/ safe for the age and will include everything needed to build 1000s of projects in Robotics and IOT. It contains several sensors, actuators, programmable blocks and mechanical components. Your child will learn to use these components with real world items in your house and build real world products. Your child will be able to bring own ideas into reality as the kit is very flexible and allows your child to build them. Our teachers also encourage your child to think, come up with own ideas and convert them into real products in the classes.
Our Robotics Classes are 1-1 Live sessions and run 24x7 as we have students across the globe. You will be able to select a slot that is convinient for you and for your child.
Since these are 1-1 Live classes, you can request your mentor to reschedule classes as per your schedule. Your child will continue the next session without missing anything. Your child will also be able to pause classes during exams or on travel and resume when back.
Absolutely! Infact that is the goal of the program and our mentors encourage this in each session. The kit is very modular and allows your child to come up with own ideas and build them in the real world. As your child completes the program, you will see your child build projects based on own ideas!