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Choose the Perfect Robotics Summer Camp for Your Child


Starter Robotics Summer Camp (Age 8-10)

Robotics Starter is the perfect summer camp for your child to get started with robotics


Explorer Robotics Summer Camp (Age 11-13)

Robotics Explorer is the perfect summer camp for your child to develop expertise in robotics


Champion Robotics Summer Camp (Age 14-16)

Champion Robotics Camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to master skills in robotics

Benefits of Playto Robotics Summer Camp for Kids

robotics kit

Premium Robotics Kit delivered to your doorstep

live 1:1 classes

Live 1:1 Interactive Online Classes by experts

Robotics Competitions

Robotics Competitions that help your child learn from students across the globe


Certificate in Robotics upon completion

Personalized Attention

Personalized Attention due to live 1:1 Classes

21st-century Skills

21st-century skills like Robotics & Coding in a hands-on manner

See what kids build in Playto Robotics Summer Camp

Playto Robotics Summer Camp focuses on project-based activities giving kids the right platform to express their creativity and develop important STEM skills. The Kit and curriculum used in the Playto Robotics Summer Camp have been developed by an award winning team with 10+ years of experience in project based learning and consisting of alumni from Harvard, IITs, NITs, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft. You can see in the below videos how kids build real world projects and develop key 21st century skills in the process.

What parents and teachers say about Playto Labs

"My son, who is studying in 4th standard loves Playto Labs very much. He would even start to cry if he has to miss any class due to any reason. As an engineer myself, I am delighted to see my son developing scientific temper with Playto Labs. Without any doubt I would recommend Playto Labs."

Shiju Thomas

Scientist at ISRO, India

"During the last 3 years, more than 2300 students of IIT Delhi participated in the 6-hour aeromodelling workshop conducted in the format of design-build-fly, with the help of Skyfi Labs (parent organization of Playto)."

Prof. PVM Rao

HOD of Design, IIT Delhi

"I have enrolled my 7-year-old son, Kanay, in the Playto Labs Robotics Summer Camp. They sent a kit home, and we do it online. It's very smooth to organize classes online at a time that is mutually suitable for the student and the teacher as well. Kanay loves the classes and is very excited every day to make new things. We are happy with Playto. I recommend Playto Labs to everyone"

Darshana Bhatia

Home maker, Mumbai

"I had a great experience with Playto labs. I'm literally happy to see my son Tanay's ability in problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and many more. And he is not afraid of trying new things as well. I think this whole experience with Playto Labs has given a lot of confidence in him. Because of this reason, he was able to participate in National robotics competitions as well. So I am very thankful to Playtio Labs."

Jai Shankar Tarun

Co-Founder & Executive Director of BIZM Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Why Kids Should Join Robotics Summer Camp?

Enrolling your child in Robotics Summer Camp offers a fantastic opportunity for them to develop valuable skills for the future. In Robotics Summer Camps, kids engage in hands-on activities focused on robotics, coding, critical thinking, design and problem-solving. They emerge with enhanced confidence in their ability to create real-world projects and products.

Secondly, in today's digital age, kids spend their summer holidays glued to their phones. Unfortunately, this can lead to the development of mobile addiction, which persists even after summer ends. However, by sending your child to a Robotics Summer Camp, you provide them with a healthier alternative that encourages active learning and exploration in a fun way.

Thirdly, since Robotics is a multi-discplinary topic combining Science, Math, Technology and Design, kids develop scientific temper and develop an interested towards Scienct, Math and Technology. So kids will show more interest in these subjects in their school once summer ends and schools restart.

By choosing to enroll your child in a Robotics Summer Camp, you're investing in the future of your child while providing them with a balanced and fulfilling summer experience. Unlike regular classes, kids love Robotics and so they will participate with a lot of enthusiasm which drives their learning. So kids will use their summer break productively and learn valuable skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Robotics Summer Camp

Robotics Summer Camp for kids is an educational program where children learn about robotics through hands-on activities and projects by utilizing their summer break. It's an opportunity for kids to explore the world of robotics, build robots in a hands-on manner, and learn programming skills in a fun and interactive environment. Robotics Summer Camps keep kids engaged and provide valuable learning, allowing them to utilize their summer vacation productively.
Yes, in Playto Labs Robotics Summer Camp, we offer different levels and tracks tailored to kids with varying skill levels. We first offer a free trial session in which our experts check the prior background and interests of your child and recommend the right way to start.

For beginners who are completely new to robotics and coding, we have the Starter Track. Here, they'll learn the fundamentals of robotics from scratch.

For those with some basic knowledge or experience in robotics, we offer the Explorer Track. In this track, participants delve deeper into robotics, coding, and related concepts.

Finally, for those who already possess advanced skills in programming and robotics, we have the Champion Track. In this track, participants can explore advanced robotics, delve into topics like AI and IoT, and work on projects such as home automation and more.

Each track is designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of kids at different skill levels.
For kids who are new to robotics, we provide comprehensive introductory training. We start with the basics, teaching them about robotics, sensors, and controllers. They'll learn about the components of a robot and how they work together. We introduce them to the programming environment they'll be using to code their robots, ensuring they understand the fundamentals of programming. Throughout the training, we focus on hands-on learning experiences to help kids grasp concepts effectively.
At Playto Labs, safety is a top priority, especially during our online robotics summer camp. Playto Robotics Kits are designed and developed by experts and are very safe for kids to use. The kits and curriculum are also accredited.
Children as young as 7 to 8 years old can participate in robotics summer camps. Research from Tuft’s University’s Department of Child Development suggests that this age range is ideal to start learning robotics. At this stage, kids possess the necessary abilities to grasp robotics concepts effectively, and engaging in robotics activities can further enhance their skills and abilities.
Ensuring individualized attention for each child is a priority at Playto Labs. Playto robotics summer camp is conducted in live 1:1 sessions from experts. This means that each child interacts directly with their instructor in a private online class. With this setup, students receive undivided attention, allowing them to ask questions, seek clarification, and receive personalized feedback. Unlike offline camps where large batch sizes limit individual attention, our online 1-1 format ensures that every child's learning needs are addressed effectively.
Participating in a robotics summer camp offers numerous benefits for your child. They will learn Robotics, Coding, AI, and IoT, which are essential skills for the future. Additionally, they will develop critical thinking, creativity, and confidence as they engage in hands-on activities and build projects. They will also develop an interest towards Science as they understand the application of it. They will show increased interest in Science and Math in school as a result.
At Playto Labs, we provide comprehensive support to children who may encounter difficulties with certain concepts or activities. Our teachers offer 1:1 live sessions to assist students in debugging issues and understanding challenging concepts. We ensure that each child receives personalized attention until they grasp the concept fully. Additionally, we have a dedicated Support page where you can fill out a form, and our team will promptly address any concerns or questions you may have.
When considering the choice between online and offline robotics summer camps for kids, we recommend online camps for several reasons. In online camps, students have access to teachers from around the world, offering a wider range of expertise and teaching styles compared to offline camps. Additionally, if a child prefers a different teacher, they can easily switch instructors in an online setting.

Furthermore, online camps provide the convenience of learning from home without the need for commuting. At Playto Labs, we offer free premium robotics kits delivered directly to your doorstep, ensuring that your child has all the necessary materials for the camp and beyond. With our kits, children can explore and build over 1000 projects, enhancing their learning experience even after the summer camp concludes.
Yes, we provide a robotics kit for each child attending the summer camp. Each kit includes all the necessary components and materials needed for the hands-on activities and projects throughout the camp duration. This ensures that every child has access to the tools they need to fully participate and engage in the learning experience.