How PlaytoBlox works?

PlaytoBlox removes all unnecessary hassles involved in Coding Hardware projects like Robotics and IOT. With PlaytoBlox, Coding Hardware is as simple as writing an email! Plus, there is an amazing AI powered personal tutor for every student.

Code on Browser

Code on Browser

No special software needed. Just code on the browser using Scratch interface. Your students already know how to use this. You just have to tell them about PlaytoBlox!

AI will help students

Ask AI for help

How does the project work? How does the component work? Why isn't my code working? Let AI help the students. Teachers should focus on engaging students rather than debugging.

Upload to Arduino with one click

Single Click Upload from Browser

No more forcing your students to copy code from here to there. One-click upload to Arduino. No plugins/ extensions needed.

PlaytoBlox lets teachers teach!

40% of a teacher's time in STEM and Robotics classes goes in helping with software installations and debugging. PlaytoBlox helps teachers become free and focus more on Learning Outcomes.

No Installations

No Extensions

AI helps in debugging code

PlaytoBlox lets kids become 10X Innovators

By removing all friction, PlaytoBlox helps students focus on what really matters - building innovative projects and skills. Kids will confidently build Robots and other hardware projects with Arduino. They will focus on algorithms, logic and get all their doubts answered by the AI. PlaytoBlox helps students become 10X Innovators.

Doubts cleared by AI in realitime

Learn while they are curious by asking immediately

Focus on problem solving and learning.

Every student gets an amazing personal tutor

AI Tutor
answers questions immediately

AI Tutor
guides the student
in real time

AI Tutor
helps fix bugs
in code

Ai Tutor
the learning