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See what kids built with Playto!

With Playto, your child will build products in the real world to solve real world problems and become skilled in technologies that matter for the future. Best part - this happens while your child is playing!

From Happy Parents and teachers

Prof. PVM Rao

"During the last 3 years, more than 2300 students of IIT Delhi participated in the 6-hour aeromodelling workshop conducted in the format of design-build-fly, with the help of Skyfi Labs (parent organization of Playto)."

Prof. PVM Rao
Amrutha Patil

"At first, I thought Robotics for kids is just a fancy advertisement. But after attending the free session, I understood the concept and how it brings out the potential of my daughter. I also referred 3 of my colleagues!"

Dr. Amrutha Rajesh
Dave Andrew

"My son loves the Playto kit and sessions. For him, science is fun unlike what I felt in my childhood. I feel that itself is a major victory for me as a parent. He now shows more interest towards understanding science."

Dave Andrew

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Get your child ready for the future

Learn from a team that has developed 100+ experiential learning courses, has a place in the Limca Book of Records, co-authored papers on project based learning and won awards for their work.


Future-ready topics

Topics like STEM and Robotics that will prepare your child for a future filled with Automation and Robotics.


School curriculum ++

Helps in understanding the relevance of curriculum in schools and thereby an increased interest to learn.


Hands-on learning

Learning by doing helps better understanding and retaining of concepts.

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Playto Robotics

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  • Explore
    Age 8-10: Robotics Starter

    Perfect for your child to make the first steps into technology. Let's build the right kind of curiosity in your child.

  • Explore
    Age 11-13: Robotics Explorer

    Let your child dive deeper into the world of Robotics and Coding. See how creativity and innovation improves the confidence in your child.

  • Explore
    Age 14-16: Robotics Champion

    Prepare to launch your child into a great career ahead. Give an exposure that helps your child make the right career choices.

Playto Toys

Playto Toys are next-gen smart toys carefully designed by experts to help your child learn by playing. The toys allow your child to learn science and techonology while playing.

Playto Missions

Playto Missions are real-world problems that your child will solve using Playto Toys. The missions are designed by experts and will help your child develop the key skills needed for the future.

Playto Coaches

Playto Coaches help your child through Live 1-1 Online sessions as your child is working on Playto Toys and Missions. The coaches use inquiry based learning pedagogy and encourage your child to think and come up with creative ideas to solve real world problems.

Playto helps not just in developing the skills of the future.
But also in building a personality.

Regular academics treat failure harshly. So kids stop experimenting and lose their confidence to innovate.
Play based learning creates innovators - by encouraging kids to experiment, fail, and learn from failures.

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  • Explore
    Explore. Not memorize.

    Your child will learn by solving real-world problems and building actual products.

  • Mistakes
    Make mistakes. And learn.

    While inventing the electric bulb, Edison said, "I've not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

  • Confidence
    Confidence. Not just marks.

    Your child will learn to face the real world. And develop the confidence to change it.

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